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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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backed draft called on damascus to end its crackdown on protestors or face quote targeted measures but moscow and beijing said this could pave the way to a libya style military intervention ati's more important has more from new york. russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin said the draft was too one sided he described the resolution as a confrontational approach taken by the european delegation and against the peaceful settlement to the crisis now this draft resolution was proposed by france with the support of portugal the u.k. and germany but the one part of the text that many countries seem to disagree with was that that called for syria to comply with the resolution within thirty days and if it if not complied then the council would quote consider its options including unspecified quote measures many council members including china
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russia brazil south africa interpreted these vague terms as leaving the door open to sanctions now of course russia has one is one of many countries that has been opposed to international sanctions against syria ambassador churkin says moscow believes the violence should be stopped through internal reforms and political dialogue not external sanctions or military intervention such as the case of libya you put in your p.c. what you broke with the draft resolution which was not passed today was based on an entirely different philosophy the philosophy of confrontation we cannot agree with its one sided accusations against damascus we believe the threat of implementing sanctions against the syrian government is unacceptable this approach contradicts the principle of peaceful settlement of crisis based on a common serious national gun is doing well in the shutters brazil india south
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africa and lebannon abstained from voting on the resolution but it was the united states that voiced. stream disappointment that the security council did not bold to mentally adopt the resolution moving forward russia and china said that they will be working on a resolution to gather that they say will be more balanced in the case of syria now we do know that some council members wanted not only the syrian government condemn for the violence but also a condemnation against all the anti-government protesters that may have been inflaming the violence that has been breaking out over the course of six months but that is a measure that the europeans did not want included in this resolution. reporting right while the veto by russia and china follows three months of heated debate in
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new york the disagreement has split the security council but moscow is certain its action is justified. over explains. it's actually a rare case of russia using its veto at the u.n. security council russia has only used its power of veto seven times since nine hundred eighty four that is fewer than the u.k. and that's way less than the united states and the fact that most sco has used this last resort shows that it's trying to prevent a similar scenario in yet another arab state to what happened in libya back in march that resolution on libya was passed russia abstained from the vote but the u.n. mandate was quickly picked up by nato which sided with and to gadhafi forces in libya helping them to topple the kono and russia insists that in case of libya this u.n. mandate was misused and now it has vote not to let that happen again actually russia is the only permanent member of the u.n.
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security council which is actually trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the crisis in syria it has hosted representatives so forth president bashar al assad and members of the opposition trying to notch them into dialogue and russian lawmakers also want another fact finding mission to syria which has concluded that the moscow's he's in fact trying to implement the democratic reforms which it promised but it needs more time to bring them into force the u.s. and its western allies have already imposed a set of sanctions aimed against regime of president assad and they have called him to step down well russia stands at the point that any one sided approach could only make matters worse and it could be sending a biased signal all strong support for the opposition to keep fighting which could only fuel attention in that country. catherine approach of reporting
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the syrian ambassador was given the floor in new york following the security council vote but short of a father you took the chance to have a go at washington. the u.s. is used to veto fifty times to protect israel and it continues to threaten to use the veto power this could be considered pretty king in genocide saw the entire u.s. delegation headed by susan rice walk out of the meeting in protest of the syrian envoy was referring to america's stance on the palestinian bid for full recognition at the u.n. the white house says it will veto any resolution to grant statehood saying that such a move can only come through direct peace talks between israel and the palestinians . by let's talk more on the un's resolution veto by russia and china with john laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris thank you for coming on the program today so russia's envoy to the u.n. said that a resolution on syria could lead to a libyan style foreign military intervention what's what's your take on.
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well i think they're right i think the envoy is right i think moscow has been very annoyed with nato with britain france and america for the way they exploited the libyan resolution the resolution on libya the one which russia abstained on and therefore allowed to pass russia has said repeatedly during their live libyan campaign that the terms of that resolution were being misused that resolution after all only talked about protecting civilians where is newsnight it's been voted. western leaders the british defense secretary for instance admitted that regime change was the was the very goal and rushers protests that were in vain i have to say russia suffered a defeat over libya because she opposed the rigid policy of regime change but ultimately had to recognize the new regime in libya which she did a few weeks ago so naturally there's
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a lot of bad feeling and i'm sure diplomats in moscow and the no doubt the president who decides these things feels that russia was taken for a ride over libya and won't be taken for a ride over syria now with this situation with syria being compared to that of libya as you were mentioning the u.n. resolution one nine seventy three for libya as you mentioned was supposed to be a humanitarian intervention there a humanitarian campaign but when it comes to syria if nato with the strong support of the united states really wanted to go into syria surely there we could just easily drum up a reason to justify it i mean look at the so-called humanitarian intervention in libya. there's no doubt they could do it if they wanted to and there are plenty of examples unfortunately for them having done that everybody knows that the attack on iraq in two thousand and three was waged without the united nations security council approval as well as the attack on yugoslavia over kosovo in one thousand nine hundred nine so yes there are plenty of cases of this however the iraq war. as
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i'm sure your viewers know was the object of massive opposition in western countries itself particularly in britain but also in america and one of the main reasons why the opposition was so strong was that there was no security council approval of that war and people felt rightly that it was there for illegals and i think that's why the western governments are keen to obtain some kind of legal cover. in my view bogus but they want the appearance at any rate of legal cover for their actions now in the middle east while moments ago you mentioned the issue of iraq many say there are certainly some are alterio motives there when it comes to for example the mineral wealth of that country in libya we are seeing nato members harvesting billion dollar or oil contracts i mean does syria actually have anything worthwhile to justify nato even going in there. well no i think the interest of syria for the western powers is obviously great proximity to israel
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it's been a party to the war against israel it's one of the big opponents of. the israeli state that's its importance for america and for britain it's important to use as a political factor right next to israel a country which obviously america and britain and the other western powers strongly support so that would be the altar into a political motive rather than oil there isn't there isn't any oil in syria no so other than no energy interest here but geo political interest as you say here some analysts suspect the west is targeting assad's regime because because of syria's close ties with iran and hezbollah now you mention israel there could there be any links any truth to that. i'm sure that that's a very definitely part of the reason that syria effectively controls lebanon which is of course israel's immediate neighbor syria is also a strong ally of iran and we all know that iran has been in the americans and
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unusually cross-hairs for a long time so yes there is an arc if you like lebanon syria iran of geo political opposition to israel and to america's role in the middle east and there's no doubt we should never forget that the whole arab spring the whole rhetoric of an eruption of democracy and liberalism in the arab world proclaimed by obama in his speech in cairo shortly after he became president in other words long before these uprisings actually started this rhetoric recalls the rhetoric of liberation in eastern europe in other words it has a very important one nine hundred eighty nine in other words it has a very important geopolitical role because after all let's not be naive the regimes which the americans and the other western powers want to see come to power as a result of these uprisings obviously friendly ones they want the middle east to be
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remodelled along lines which make the middle east safe israel to put it very bluntly that was the goal proclaimed by george bush george bush started george w. bush and it's effectively the same policy albeit in a different guise that obama is now pursuing and that's the context of the geo political context in which we should see this saber rattling now against syria i wish we had more time to cover this in more depth john locke and from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris many thanks indeed. well it's time for you to get involved with us here at all to you know we're always interested in your opinions and we'd like to have your thoughts on the situation in syria if you click on to our web site com you can be a part of our latest poll and bring up the numbers are right now here on our c today we ask what is going to happen now that the u.n. security council resolution on syria has gone so far most to say that nato will resort to false flag attacks the view that syria's enemies will use you unilateral
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sanctions come second something diplomats will work on a resolution and if you wish respondents believe that the russia china stance will see assad's violence come to an end do you get involved no on line at the door. but the chinese a veto on syria at the u.n. security council resolution may solve our relations with the u.s. even more later in the program we reported that washington is trying to get back at beijing for allegedly valuing the you want and taking away american jobs. thousands of people unite against the government's latest round of austerity measures and a twenty four hour strike in greece flights in and out of the country council schools are closed hospitals working out a reduced capacity this nationwide protest comes after eurozone finance chiefs postponed greece's next bailout let's cross live now to our correspondent sara for we're standing by. sara good to see you so what's happening today and i think what
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are you seeing. will the team mainly be had gathered earlier today and you can see they've led thousands of people out on to syntagma square on the front of the parliament behind me the way you can see them just on the streets you should be having the live pictures coming through as well i can tell you some of these banners that they carrying and saying everybody take to the streets i get greece out of the european union that's what some of them are saying raise the debt that's another a lot of the ban is that the people here are carrying debts handing out today to protest against this is bill starting measures that they say are simply untenable for them we've seen some tax hikes recently we've seen the announcements that there's going to be even more job cuts in the coming weeks and months the people here really very angry about the measures that they say the government are imposing on then that they simply can live with say they're out on the streets today
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protesting at the name and the situation quite cause you've got the flights in and out of the country can say would you go public transport at a standstill today schools and hospitals operating on emergency stuff as he said yes a comment at the moment that we've seen before with these protests. a nationwide strike today and emotions do run high it's a very very sensitive time for these people there's a lot of anger about what's happening and the situation there and a lot of people have described this to us is greece now in the greek people a country on the brink. though sir a two thousand and eleven has just been a disastrous year for greece there have been protests for months on end and certainly a handful of a bailout is being imposed on the government by the creditors as you were saying that the mood is one of resentment is there any sense that there could actually be change brought about by these protests for months now as we look over two thousand and eleven people have been calling for an absolute drastic change and any sense of
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that could actually happen. to the people here absolutely believe that they're not willing to back down on this issue at all i mean it's very difficult for them because this is been a long long struggle for than it's been two years and we see this situation so you many times before you call the people once again outside the parliament building with the riot police to facing the is very difficult for them they said that time and again they just want to have their voices heard they want realistic measures they understand that at the moment greece is in a very difficult situation a stare if you measure the needed this is a long long way to then they know that it's not going to get better it's more it that the people here we've spoken to said that literally living in the country is the name it's not week by week that things get worse daily day by day that having these measures put on them that they they can live with and we've seen a lot of criticism from the analysts here in the country who are saying these measures that are being in place really aren't very realistic and so you see the
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people out here at the moment these are the people who are getting the tax those these are the people that the government are trying to raise some of that money from to plug the massive deficit now we know the greek government has sent shock waves throughout the financial market when they announced. they wouldn't be able to meet that deficit reduction target that's having a serious note on effect you know at this point what's happening in greece is going to be affecting all of us and make no mistake about that you see them at the steps of parliament right now but this issue is coming along closer to home for a lot of people in the usa might now there's a lot of concern we're seeing this turn from a suffering debt crisis into a banking crisis the people out on the streets as we said a country on the brink and we've seen the prime minister please to his pipe and jay visiting last week france and germany to try and convince the public that to contribute to the bailout fund to get them on board he's that to keep on fighting and to pull this country out of this crisis to what people here said you know these
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are the guys he needs to convince and they're not convinced they're still very very angry they don't think these measures against work and really until you have that public support in this case in the country people are saying how on earth are you going to be able to reestablish place to get the economy back on its feet when you've got a situation like you have here where thousands and thousands of people turning out on the steps of the parliament building to say to their government no we can't accept these measures aren't working for us we need another option and really that's what people are waiting for now the you know it's a need to stick come up with some realistic option to pull the country out of the crisis so the resentment the frustration seems to be getting i climaxed point there we see the people behind you a massive crowd where you are and we've also been showing live pictures here on r.t. of other parts of the vicinity there of the government building in central athens pensions cuts salary cuts benefit cuts i know the latest our eurozone latest loan of eight billion euro has been postponed till november if that comes in november then what comes after november certainly
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a very very tough time for the euro zone member cerified thanks very much. when i we are closely following the deteriorating economic situation in europe. just log onto our web site the latest news videos on such a tough blow for the investors. as a result of the country's high levels of debt. is no longer a favorite flavor of the new i phone for. company.
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twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow china has expressed its condemnation of the u.s. senate's bill on the chinese yuan after it voted to allow a debate on the so-called currency manipulation bill the legislation would make it easier for the u.s. to impose penalties on its trading partners washington accuses beijing of and valuing its currency to help its own export is taking away american jobs to china has told the u.s. to abandon protectionism and stop politicizing economic issues the u.s. house speaker john boehner also spoke out criticizing the bill calling it quote pretty dangerous some experts say that even if the bill doesn't become law a trade war between washington and beijing is unavoidable. even in this video will not be calm or i think there is. a treaty that disputes the turn child of the u.s. worry about it is tense now we have the trade the war china and the u.s.
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and chinese government and the business community you write the law all preparing for the possible sanctions and get down p. and q. and paolo to tary of actions from the us against the chinese export arse to my luggage the ministry of commerce and t.v. all saying the chinese central bank and the odds are department of government are preparing for worrying that worry much of detail east tend to fall a policy of zero. from the u.s. side. now in the u.s. itself thousands of americans are gearing up for another day of demonstrations they've been protesting for three weeks against corporate influence on government policy which they blame for the country's ongoing economic woes but even after police arrested hundreds of activists over the weekend the movement's still picking up momentum all across the u.s. and i'm on reports. we don't want that now that is creating more
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pain where it's not very much more aggression and i think people are taking a stand right all right more than a thousand people in los angeles. chose to stand in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. at city hall the very visible center of government in power and demonstrators worry that the one percent who controlled most of the nation's wealth have gained a stranglehold over the u.s. government alexander hamilton you know referred to the people he was so afraid of as the great peace and the great peace as a way people of all walks of life have turned out for this mass demonstration here in los angeles now a lot of the protesters here say they've gotten their inspiration from the demonstrators in new york and in athens and others are inspired by the revolution of egypt now there's still much debate about whether this is part of that revenue scenary movement here in america but one thing that people can agree on is that
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some drastic changes need to be made as to how this country runs from the east coast to the west coast and a growing number of places in between a collective anger is unifying people. in the windy city a group has been demonstrating outside the federal reserve bank in chicago for more than a week in boston a tent city in the heart of the financial district means occupiers can voice their discontent with corporate greed twenty four seven. despite dozens of arrests demonstrators intent to show that democracy does not end at the ballot box families have also been marching in denver and san francisco demanding radical change from wahoo to olympia to all my hot to orlando according to the occupy together web site protests are being organize. in more than one hundred cities points that people are standing behind are worth
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a revelation and i believe their time is up but i think that not i think it very well it is recognizing there that doesn't work despite mainstream media down plain and even ridiculing the movement supporters have faith the message will be understood and you saw what happened in london they tried to make that out about a bunch of people that were just you know you know a bad apple it's not so humanity humanity's got to think some of them something is wrong already bruised by soaring unemployment poverty and foreclosures the middle class are now being told to tighten their belts leading many americans to finally find their voices but probably beginning bigger it looks like the spreading throughout the country and you know they had a arab spring and you know hopefully we have with us in los angeles ramon lindo our t. . is coming to you live from the heart of moscow to stay with us the business is next with.
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how to welcome back to business thanks for joining me and early last and early rally on the russian markets has given way to mid session sell off that's inspired tsonga crude prices and overnight gains on wall street well it has taken a bad a good hit during the latest market turmoil as investors pull back cash out of risky locations but i don't say if a double dip recession is avoided and matching markets will outperform of a global indices. emerging markets in general are much stronger fiscally they have much stronger growth that is expected in europe in the u.s. and corporations in emerging markets such as russia and elsewhere are also much stronger so you know i think it's once for now investors are simply wrapped up on the concern that we could get a catastrophe if we can avoid ticketmaster fee which now looks more likely then i think once we settle down we will see more money coming back to emerging markets
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faster than two developed markets the latest market twists have many investors scratching their heads over where to put their money just a nasty from merrill lynch suggests infrastructure projects still offer the prospect of stability. when you look at all of infrastructure projects detroit felt it was there maybe emerging markets but ultimately they'll be gateway to global trade whether it's parsons or trying to go for traffic around the think a lot of investors see that was a little true story on the vultures of these projects so we've probably charged whole companies they tend to be great ways to to global trade and therefore best to say i'll invest to diversify the structure but most of us are going to globalization on the opening of the market to new investors new companies overseas so it's an interesting way to play an emerging market but also the to do risk you want us to get a company to providing infrastructure to support those involved in that school right. let's take a look at the markets now oil is in the black for the first day for after report that the u.s. gasoline stockpile struck five million barrels last week which is rose almost four
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percent up to falling eight percent in the past three days brant but it's trading at almost one hundred one dollars per barrel while. at around seventy eight dollars a barrel and you have markets bounce higher slugging off a downgrade of italy by moody's investors service banking stocks and one of the main advances falling of late brother on wall street b.n.p. perry was up six point three percent in paris and deutsche of bag growth five and a half the sands in frankfurt here in moscow stocks through worst from earlier gains and it slid into the red that take a look at something to make the travels of the markets right now energy majors mix this hour gas problem is down one point seven percent well look it's just i'm not up on banking stocks are also under pressure with country second biggest lender p.t.b. losing almost one and a half percent. wasn't leaving ireland or produce a vest has boosted its first half net profit by ninety percent to nine hundred
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eighty five million dollars result was supported by strong growth as well as increased supply too fast growing. that's all for now but don't forget to check our web site r t v dot com thanks for.
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culture is that so much i'm afraid we're going to make it a lot of the plane carrying the buggy days of rage is the global economy on the brink of a double dip recession if so why can't the rich west find the right mix of fiscal at. the close of g.m. has been to the spitzbergen archipelago. for the world's northernmost joshua glenn presides over a ghost. town r.t. goes to pains of a group of village volunteers rebuild the palace from roots. where technological breakthroughs safe human rights. and where people are forced to stay for. the fans are richer but you're close up on the party.
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if you're just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is our team live from the headlines now russia and the church. syria the u.n. security council saying the text doesn't rule out foreign military intervention they condemned the draft as. helpful to the crisis in syria moscow and beijing want a different resolution that will push opposing sides of the conflict towards. transporters just schools are closed as a nationwide strike gets underway it's in response to the government's latest austerity measures. pushed the next round of bailouts. and collective sweeps coast to coast across america the movement of protesters grows.

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